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Unforgettable Presentations - Keynotes and Breakout Sessions

Do you need a solid, value-filled, and memorable presentation for your group or association?
Want to engage your participants in seeing the value of creating a healthy workplace?
Interested in learning more about how to lead change initiatives that actually work?

Ruth Sirman, Keynote Speaker

As an Organizational Conflict Resolution expert, Ruth is an internationally known speaker and presenter who believes in the following fundamental principles:

  • She believes in delivering rock-solid value for clients and participants – practical, relevant, and most importantly USABLE content so people walk away feeling it was a worthwhile investment of their time.
  • She is an “Infotainer with ‘sticky’ content” - People learn (and remember) best when they are enjoying themselves.
  • She is a “Pracademic” – People need to understand WHY they’re doing what they’re doing so they can make informed choices throughout the process.
  • She is committed to working herself out of a job as an organizational consultant/mediator by helping your group get better at recognizing, understanding, and resolving situations before they escalate out of control.

While presentations will be customized for your organization, the following are some of the common topics I'm asked to address: 

  1. Creating Organizations that WORK!™
  2. Priorities, Perspectives and Personalities™
  3. Tales from the Barstool™
  4. I’m OK – It’s Everyone Else Who Needs Help!™
  5. The Accidental Mediator™
  6. Working here is killing me!™
  7. Surviving in the Multi-Tasking Circus!™

To discuss how we can work together to address the challenges in your organization, please complete the form below, and I'll take it from there!

Invite Ruth to help you Increase productivity, boost profits and create a healthier workplace.